Tagboard - Connected Learning for the Armchair Learner

Some people are born athletes. They are just talented when it comes to running and catching the ball or tackling people. Then there are those that like to watch a live game: the excitement in the stands, the cheerleaders, the concessions. But there is yet another category that are happy to experience the event at home from their recliner. Keep these three groups of people in mind.

Being a connected educator is an exciting experience. Using social media, like Twitter, can put you in contact with experts in your field and give you a sounding board for ideas. Many people enjoy that connection. There are hashtags to follow, people to tweet, and chats to engage. While some people like being in the heart of the action, others prefer to watch from the sidelines. Seeing the action unfold and adding a cheer or retweet from time to time. The whole idea of Twitter is overwhelming to many people, but they don't want to be left out of the learning happening there. What's a girl to do?

The answer is #tagboard. This clever site allows the user to create a tagboard that grabs everything on social media according to a certain hashtag. All of those posts are added to a tagboard so they can be viewed together. Tagboard does not require the user to have any social media accounts to see what others are saying about a given topic. Genius!!

Reasons I dig #tagboard:

1. It grabs posts across social media platforms. I used to be a huge Tweetdeck user. I loved having columns following different hashtags. There was so much content to read, but it was all only shared in Twitter. As social media has evolved, people share across platforms and this site puts them all together with the common hashtag.

2. It is super simple. Just navigate to the site and type in your hashtag. A quick search brings all the posts to you.

3. No need to be a part of the social media scene to see what is out there. Many people are still fearful of social media and don't want to have any accounts. Using tagboard allows users to hear the conversations even when they don't want to respond.

Social media is a great place to learn and keep up with trends in education. Try using #tagboard to stay in the know.


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