Gale and GAFE Work Together for Students

Being a librarian I stress the importance of using vetted and accurate sources for academic research. Google search is awesome for pop culture facts or online shopping, but it should not be your primary source for school projects. The Texas Legislature currently provides access to Britannica School and Gale Cengage Databases to all public schools in the state. And there is a plan to expand access in the future to more digital resources. How great is that!

 Recently, Gale announced a partnering with Google Apps for Education (GAFE) to connect the two resources. Students access the resources they need in Gale, they can highlight and add notes to their research, and then download directly into Google Drive. Drive creates a folder named after the database they are using. The Google Doc that is created contains the article, citation, URL, and any annotation the student created. I love this collaboration! It makes the tech work hard, and the student work smart!


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