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Education Needs Some Grace

In the last few weeks, COVID-19 has turned Education as we know it upside down. School buildings are closed, teachers are working remotely, and students have lost the traditions that come with graduation and end of year activities. Hop on any social media platform and you will see accolades and criticism for the approaches that local districts have used and what parents feel about having to guide their children's education. I feel the need to give some perspective. Throughout my 20 year career in Education, I worked for three districts that used 1:1 devices with their students. These were programs at the Secondary level, so only middle school and high schools were impacted. Each district had chosen a different device and planned for the rollouts in different ways. In one district, I started working on year 1, another on year 3, and the last was a well-oiled machine of many years. But all of these districts had some things in common: 1. Infrastructure: Regardless of the size of

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