Work Smarter, Not Harder - Kanbanchi

I am a list girl. I inherited this trait from my mother, and my girls got it from me. I need lists for everything! My class desk used to be a sea of colored post-it notes. I migrated to tasks in my Gmail or apps like Google Keep or Wunderlist. Then I was shown Kanbanchi, and I think I am in love!

Kanbanchi is a Google App that can be accessed via your Google Apps or Drive. It is much more than just lists, it is a Project Management platform. Create cards for each part of the project. Include task lists, attachments, and notes for each card. Click and drag the cards to reorder or change the column they belong in. Share a project with others in your organization via their GAFE accounts. There is even a revision history option to see who made what changes to the project board.

What a great tool for student management of projects. Have the team leader create and share the project dashboard with the group. Each student can take ownership of the tasks and mark them completed as they finish. All of the group members can track project progress.

Check out this intro video:


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