Quizizz - Turn your Quizzes into Games!

Student engagement is key to learning. Gamification has become very popular as a means of classroom egagement. I have used Kahoot with groups of students, teachers, librarians, superintendents, and even school board members to engage them in learning fun. They all loved it!

As fun as Kahoot is, it was designed as a game to get audience's excited and involved. The questions being on the screen and the buttons being on the device take a little adjustment and lead to lots of looking over shoulders. It is fun, but not the best choice for assessment.

Then along comes Quizizz. This site was designed to make quizzes and assessments more engaging and fun. And it is really easy to use!

Here are some reasons I love Quizizz:

1. Shared Quizzes - Much like Kahoot, Quizizz let's you launch public quizzes and use them as your own. What a time saver! If you can find a quiz with the same (or similar) questions you need to assess your students, that could save a great deal of time.  (Rememebr - Always check the questions and answer for accuracy.)

2. Question Bank - Quizizz also let's you use questions from multiple public quizzes. This allows you to customize your quiz, but still saves you time. No starting from scratch! Find a few questions in several quizzes and put them all together. Modify to meet your needs.

3. Question & Games Settings - When you launch a  quiz you can select several features that will jumble questions and answers so that students sitting next to each other will not see the same thing on their screens. The teacher can turn on or off a leaderboard, music, question timer, and between question memes. These features give teachers more control over their quiz.

4. Homework Mode - So you run out of time for the quiz in class? Assign it for homework in Quizizz. Teachers can set the window that the quiz is open and it will close once the time has expired. It even allows the teacher to share with Google Classroom so students can get the assignment and link for the homework quiz they have to complete.

5. Embedded tutorials - There are great videos throughout Quizizz that shows you what to do. There is no way to mess this up!

Add this new tool to your toolbox for those times you need a quiz with engagement and fun. Try Quizizz today!



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