Smore - Newsletters with more than Words

The teachers at my school send out "Monday Mail." This is a weekly email to parents letting them know what will be happening in class that week. As a parent this is huge! Many of my daughter's teachers use Remind for announcements also, but Monday Mail gives a big picture for the whole week. I decided to start a weekly newsletter for the library, but it couldn't just be an email.

I dug into my tech toolbox and pulled out a tool I haven't used in a few years, Smore. I remembered being so excited about this site when I first heard about it at a conference. I used it for workshop flyers, resource hubs and advertisements. It was the perfect platform for my weekly newsletter!

Like many online tools, Smore has a free option with limited functional. Or you can purchase a personal, business or corporate plan. They also have an educator plan for a discounted rate if you work in a school. I bought the educator account during a special and got an even bigger discount. Having the educator account gives you more background options in addition to a few more settings.

I love the options that Smore provides. Embed images, video, text, links, all kinds of possibilities.

Here are a few examples:

It also comes in handy for advertising activities and events:


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