Klikaklu - Scavenger Hunt with your iPad

A few years ago, I smashed several apps to create a Scavenger Hunt using the iPad driven by QR codes. Those codes were connected to text, questions, and video. It was a painstaking process to create, but the teachers and librarians in the training had a great time searching for clues throughout the building.

Klikaklu has taken the Scavenger Hunt to a whole new level by creating an app that does it all plus some. In addition to QR Codes connected to other content, Klikaklu lets you take pictures, create quizzes or polls and give rewards for correct answers.

Klikaklu, like many student response apps, has a free app for participating in a hunt. To create a hunt, however, you will need to purchase the Klikaklu Creator app currently priced at $9.99.

Watch the video below for how to create a hunt:


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