Maker Space Projects with Heart

Maker Spaces are all the rage in 21st Century minded schools and libraries. Most Maker Spaces are filled with robotics, electronics, legos and many other tinkering tools. What a great way to support STEM in your community! But what if the Maker Space was low tech and more benevolence-minded?

Consider these three simple projects to include in your Maker Space that bring joy to someone else:

1. Teacher Gift Bags - Create a project area with simple craft bags and tons of goodies from the Dollar Store or Target. Allow students to make gift bags for their favorite teacher. They can write a personal note or just attach a tag that says "This gift was created for you by a student who thinks you are _________________" and let the student add the adjective. Deliver these gift bags to the teachers or put them in their boxes. What a great way to send some love and build community within your school!

2. Encouragement Cards - Provide scrapbooking supplies like card stock, stamps, stickers, glues, etc. and invite students to create cards of encouragement or holiday themed cards. These cards can then be delivered to the residents of the local Nursing Home or Assisted Living Center. How fun to bring light to the life of an elderly person where you live!

3. Crochet for a Cause - Warm Up America  is an organization that accepts donations of crocheted items. They have partnered with Parkland Memorial Hospital to provide baby caps and afghans for newborns. If you have seasoned crocheters, that would be a great project. Or they also accept crocheted squares measuring 7" X 9" that are then joined with other donated squares to make afghans which are donated to homeless organizations. Host a crochet lesson, bring in a local person to teach the class, and then provide yarn and crochet needles. Ask your staff for donations of yarn they may have in their closets. Support benevolence and teach a useable art form at the same time!

If you look around you can find many other projects for your Maker Space that benefit others. What a great kindness lesson to teach and foster in our kids.


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