Google Education on Air

I really love the innovation and creativity of Google. They have been focused on users from the beginning. Their efforts in Education are no different. I am a huge fan of GAfE and the tools provided for teachers and students at no cost. I enjoy working with a cart of Chromebooks in my classroom and the many apps available for use from the Chrome Web Store.

Google wants to help educators use these tools better and just hosted its first Education on Air conference in early May 2015. The theme was Practical Innovation. Speakers and attendees connected from 185 countries around the world.

All the sessions are available to view on demand. The first day has several panels and keynotes with fresh ideas on skills needed and way to affect change. The second day is filled with breakout sessions grouped by audience interest. Educators at every level can find something new to learn from this event.

Here is the link:

As I began watching some sessions I realized what a great opportunity this conference could be for schools requiring summer Professional Development in Technology for their teachers. A district could use Google Classroom as their LMS and assign sessions, quizzes, reflections, and projects to teachers over the summer.

Benefits for schools:

1. It is free!

2. Teachers could learn from home (in their pjs)!

3. Teachers can learn at their own pace as their summer schedule allows.

4. Encourages teachers to use the tools they learn about in the sessions.

5. Supports the use of GAfE if you are a district using that product.

Using Google Education on Air for summer PD is a win-win!


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