Cool Games - According to my teen

My fifteen year old daughter is a tech junkie. Not only did she take Computer Science for her Foreign Language this year, she also got the award for Highest Average in the class. This year also saw her earn the Highest Average in BIM class as well as placing 6th at UIL Region in Computer Applications. She is a self-proclaimed member of the Nerd Herd.

She is always bringing me cool apps and games she and her friends find. The school she attends in a GAFE school so they look for Chrome Apps that they can play on the Chromebooks in her classes.

Here are her latest suggestions:

1. Little Alchemy - This game is more like a puzzle. Players start with four basic elements and then must combine then to create new things. There are a total of 530 possible combinations and the elements grow as you add more combinations. For example, fire + earth = lava, lava + earth = volcano, volcano + energy = eruption + ash and so on. What a great little puzzle to experience chemical reactions.

2. Cube Slam - This Google Experiment resurrects the classic pong format (I remember playing it with joysticks on an Atari!). The added twist is that you can either play the computer or send a friend a link and challenge them. It uses the web cam and mic on the computer so you can see and hear your opponent. Each level adds more difficulty and challenges.


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