Level Up Google Search with Gale and Destiny Discover Chrome Extensions

As a librarian, I help students find the right information for the right research task. Sometimes that becomes a multiple search process: search databases, search the library catalog, and search Google. No anymore!!!

Thanks to two Google Chrome extensions, students can now search multiple sources at once.

If your school uses Follett Destiny as their library catalog, students can use the Destiny Discover Chrome extension to search the library catalog when they search Google. Watch the video below to see how to set this extension up:

Popular digital resource company. Gale Cengage Learning, has released a Google Chrome extension for their Opposing Viewpoints database. This database is part of TexQuest if you are a public school in Texas and also available for purchase. This extension opens a sidebar of database results using a Google search. Watch the video below to see how to set this extension up:

So let's really power up the search and use both extensions in our Google search:

Share these extensions with your Google Admin and have them pushed out to all devices. Empower your students to find great sources and love research.


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