Catch #FlipgridFever

If you haven't embraced the power of Flipgrid for making learning visible, you and your students are missing out on a marvelous opportunity. Flipgrid allows teachers to share a topic that students respond to with a webcam or other video tool. It is super easy to setup and students can respond from a Smartphone, tablet, or computer. All they need is the link shared via QRcode or URL.

Foreign languages are using Flipgrid so students can practice their new language. Music teachers are using Flipgrid to listen to student solos. Teachers are using Flipgrid for formative assessment from day to day. Collaborating with classes in a different part of the world just got easier by sharing a Flipgrid so both classes can add video dialogue at times that work for them and their learning.

Their site,, is full of resources from video to print, webinars to infographics, shareable topics and testimonials. With a certification program, educators can earn badges as they incorporate Flipgrid even deeper in their learning environment.

Give your students a voice when you give Flipgrid a try.


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