How Did You Do That? #ChromeExtSmash

Personally, I only use Google Chrome as my web browser. Since I work in the cloud using GSuite, using Chrome just makes sense. One of the best features of Chrome is the access to a plethora of extensions that give Chrome a shot of extra functionality.

I like to think of Google Chrome as an apartment building. When you install and use extensions, it impacts the entire building. This is different from an add-on that add functionality to an individual file (like Docs, Sheets, or Forms) or apartment in the Chrome building.

As I present, I use different extensions for different purposes, and many people stop me and say, "How did you do that?" Here are a few of those extensions:

1. URL shortener - This nifty little tool creates a shortened URL and QR code with a single click. This is seriously helpful when trying to share resources with students or staff. It will also track the number of people that access the link.

2. One Tab - Use One Tab to take all the tabs you have open at one time and consolidate into a single set that can be shared with a link.

3. CraftyText -  With this tool, you can display a URL or text in huge overlay on top of your computer display. This is great for sending a URL out to a big group of students or audience at a conference.

So smash these tools together to use for learning:

Just like with AppSmashing, there are many ways to leverage Chrome extensions together to power up productivity and learning for your students. Look for more examples on this blog on a regular basis.


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