Education Inspiration: 10 Books To Read This Summer

As with most summers, I set a lofty reading goal of great professional books I bought this year and never finished (or started) during the school year. They range in topic from leadership to school transformation to practical how-tos. Some I have read. Some I have started. Others I cannot wait to devour. I suggest you try them all.

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek (@simonsinek)

The Innovator's Mindset by George Couros (@gcouros)

Launch by John Spencer (@spencerideas) and AJ Juliani (@ajjuliani)

Empower by John Spencer and AJ Juliani

Social LEADia by Jennifer Casa-Todd (@jcasatodd)

Dive Into Inquiry by Trevor Mackenzie (@trev_mackenzie)

Classroom Management in the Digital Age by Heather Dowd (@heza) and Patrick Green (@pgreensoup)

Code in Every Class by Kevin Brookhouser (@brookhouser) and Ria Megnin (@riamegnin)

The 20time Project by Kevin Brookhouser

The Google Infused Classroom by Tanya Avrith (@TanyaAvrith) and Holly Clark (@HollyClarkEdu)

I would also suggest you extend your learning by following these authors on social media. I have included each author's Twitter handle so you can easily find them.

Happy Summer Reading, y'all!


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