Flippity Timeline + Biography in Context Smash

Looking for an easy timeline tool? Try the new Flippity Timeline template at www.flippity.net.

The sample they provide is on the life of Mr. Fred Rogers. Find it here.

Each of the headlines can be expanded to see text, video, and images to better tell his story.

This is a useful tool for many projects. Here are a few:

1. The Story of My Life: Encourage students to tell their own life story using the Flippity Timeline template. Many schools complete a similar project on posters at the beginning of the year. Making this project digital helps students better share their story and makes it easy to update as they grow. 

2. Document an Event: Timelines are a great way to document an event. Consider researching an event from History and produce a timeline, with images, text, and video, that relay that event. The timeline could easily become the basis for an oral presentation or exciting addition to a Google site. Use Gale US History or World History in Context for research.

3. Who Am I?: Students are fascinated by famous people. Use the Flippity Timeline template to chronicle the life a real person. Include different components of their lives, like family, awards, and career. Use Gale Biography in Context for research.

Watch the video below for more information:


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