Global Green Screen Challenge with PicForward

Here is a simple and fun project that could have a global impact.

Lord Lansdowne School in Toronto, Ontario has started a global green screen challenge called PicForward. Each month, they will post new green screen images on their site. Participating schools can download the images and add them to the background of their choice. You can add other images and text to the picture. When finished, share the image on Twitter with the hashtag #PicForward or add to their Facebook page. It is that simple!

Their site,, is full of examples, tech tips, and software suggestions. They want to get images from all over the world so students can see the reach of their project and start global conversations. There is even a map on the site to see where the images are coming from.

I sent my students to take pictures that are uniquely our school. Being the Unicorns, we have a some interesting murals and artwork. Here is what we submitted:

Look, Mom! Unicorns do exist!

The students took pictures with my iPad. We used the Green Screen for Do Ink app (, which is only $2.99, to create the image. It was incredibly simple to make. I shared it through my Twitter account when it was finished.


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