Librarians to Follow

I have a friend who just accepted a job with a great title, Coordinator of Innovative Programs. She will be working with Curriculum, Media, and Technology Specialists to create engaging instruction and learning opportunities. We have had quite a few conversations about what libraries should be like in the 21st-century and what librarians ought to be doing. In sharing ideas with her, I gave her a list of librarians I follow online, and I thought others might also benefit from my list:

Doug Johnson, Minnesota
Shannon Miller, Colorado
Naomi Bates, Texas
Jennifer LaGarde, North Carolina
Laura Fleming, New Jersey
Diana Rendina, Florida
Buffy Hamilton, Georgia
Gwyneth Jones, DC
Heather Lister, Pennsylvania
Michelle Luhtala, Connecticut

This is just a start. There are so many great librarians our there doing amazing things!

Who inspires you?


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