Dewey Decimal System

Organization is important in all aspects of life, but no place more important than the library! How would we ever find the book we needed without organization?!?

The Dewey Decimal System is the system most school libraries use for collection organization. Students need to learn how it works and there are tons of resources online to help teach it:

1. Videos on YouTube - Below is a cool one for elementary student using puppets:

2. Shelver - Mrs. Lodge has a great little game on her site that lets students practice organization books using the Dewey Decimal System. The game is called Shelver and works on PCs and tablets.

3. SmartBoard games - If you have a SmartBoard in your library, use games that have been shared through Smart Exchange

4. And don't forget Pinterest!

Google "Dewey Decimal System" and see what else you find.


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