In the Flipped Classroom and BYOD/BYOT environment, one is always looking for resources. Here is a great piece of free software to create a video presentation called

Visit their web site and create an account. Free accounts limit the number of videos you can make to 10 per month, but that is plenty of videos to try it out before deciding to purchase the software for more access. Users can share a slideshow, narrate that slideshow with just audio, or narrate the slide show with a webcam video next to the slidedeck. Check out my example below:

If you wanted to embed a video in your class web site, you could do what I have done here.

 Or if you are in a BYOT/BYOD environment you could create a video and share it with your students with a QR code. Put the qr code in your presentation, on a bulletin board, or on a handout.

 I tested this out and discovered the QR code will only access the web cam video if you have the video/slides combination, but works great with just a slidedeck with audio narration.

For both of these examples I simply pulled in presentations from my Google Drive, but you can also upload files from your computer.

Lots of possibilities with this one!


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