Clustr Maps....very cool!!!

I am sure you have seen these maps on web sites all over the internet. They show the world and if you look closer you will see the map peppered with red dots. Each dot represents a place in the world where that site has been accessed. The bigger the dot, the more people from that location that have visited the site.

I think this is just cool! It is exciting to jump on my blog or other web site I created and see the locations where visitors are from. I'm old and I get excited to see that someone on every continent (except Antarctica) has visited by blog. Imagine how empowering it must be for students to see how many people in the world have seen something they have created or read what they have to say.

I think finding a way to put a visitors log especially a Clustr Map ( on your library, classroom, or student projects site is a great way to track the impact you and your students are having on the world of information.


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