Impressed by Prezi

Several years ago I was introduced to, a web site that lets users create "zooming presentations." Instead of being linear like a PowerPoint, Prezis zoom in and out on content to convey information. The end result is very engaging, but I was unimpressed by the complication of making the presentation look good. I never had the patience to finish any of the projects I started.

Recently I decided to try Prezi again. I love it!!! The new templates are much easier to use than having to make frames from scratch. Importing pictures and videos is now really simple. There are many more choices for colors and fonts with a great customization option. Creating your path from content packet to content packet could not be more fool proof with the "slide shots" on the left side of the screen. But I think my favorite part is the addition of a feature that lets you import PowerPoint slides. All of those boring old presentations I have on my computer are now cool, exciting, Prezis.

Here is a presentation I created from scratch: Types of Nonverbal Communication

And one created from an old PowerPoint: Putting Communication to Work for You

Another awesome addition to Prezi is their viewer app for iPad. Download from the App Store and show presentations on your iPad or connect to a projector to teach a lesson in the classroom or library.


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