Tour Creator - Google VR

Google has launched a platform for creating virtual reality tours much like Google Expeditions. This platform is super easy to use. Teachers and students can take participants on a tour of anywhere in the world that Google StreetView has visited or can upload their own 360 images.

Watch the video below to get started:

Recently, Google updated Tour Creator to allow the upload of audio files. Add ambient music or a narration to the scene.

Watch the video below to learn how:

Insert points of interest into the 360 image. Add images and/or audio clips for more detail in the tour.

Watch the video below to learn how:

Here is what a completed tour might look like:

The options for using this tool for student learning are endless.

  • Replace written research projects
  • Write and retell narratives
  • Explain historical events
  • Tour the settings of a novel
  • Discuss important people and where they lived
To make this project successful, spend time planning and gathering the media needed before beginning the tour. Take the time to storyboard, script and record the audio, and save/create the images needed. 

Try this super simple planner for the Tour Creator project.


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