Break the Ice with a Collaborative Google Map

As the new school year quickly approaches, educators everywhere are looking at ways to start bonding groups. From classmates, teaching staffs, and content teams, building a positive group culture is an important foundation for constructing the learning that will happen in the future.

Creating a collaborative Google Map is a simple way to make connections and start conversations. Each participant can add their own locations on the map with text and image/video details.

Here are some ideas for using this activity:

  • Ask students on the first day of school to share where they vacationed this summer. 
  • Ask students to share where they want to live in 10-20-25 years from now.
  • Ask staff at a faculty meeting to share where they went to college. 
  • Ask staff to share where they were born.
  • Ask participants at a conference to share where they work.
There are many ways to incorporate this learning opportunity into your classroom, meeting, or training. Watch the video below to get started:


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