Make Learning Visible App Smash

How do we know that students are learning? For decades, teachers have relied on scores on worksheets and tests to provide that information. With the availability of technology, new and innovative opportunities to make learning visual have emerged. This app smash is just one of those ways.

You will need 3 apps for this activity: Clips, Flipgrid, and Padlet. Clips is an Apple app and only works on IOS (iPads, iPhones, etc). Padlet and Flipgrid have app for IOS, but work through the websites also. You could substitute another video creation tools if you don't have IOS devices.

Start by giving your students a prompt that can be answered with a video. Make sure the prompt allows for reflection and learning to be expressed. Replace projects like "Make a video about an historical figure" with "Make a video expressing how your historical figure would react to the current political climate in the US." The second prompt requires students to research and then apply what they have learned instead of relaying facts. There are layers to a project like this that show student learning. What did they learn about their historical figure? What do they know about the current political climate? How realistic is their prediction of reaction?

Have students use Clips to make the video. Limit the video to 90 seconds. If students need tech support for using the app, send them to YouTube or just Google for tutorials.

Once students have their videos made, they should upload to a related topic you have created in Flipgrid. Click here for a video tutorial.

Or have students create their own Flipgrid and their own topics to demonstrate their own learning. Using a tool like Padlet gives you a hub that all students can post to, including the link to their Flipgrid. Curating all student learning makes it easy for them to see what their classmates have learned and gives an opportunity for peer- and self-reflection.

Don't have a 1-to-1 classroom? No problem! This can easily become a group or center-based assignment where students share a handful of devices or use their own.


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