Making Digital Badges

Adding badges and gamification to your classroom or school for students and staff has become a popular practice. This really isn't a new concept, teachers have been awarding stickers for years. What is new is the digital display aspect and applying the badge idea to teacher professional development.

Here are two ways to display badges in your classroom:

1. Flippity Badge Tracker - Use this Google Sheet template to organize, award, and display digital badges by just publishing the sheet. It becomes a URL that you can share with parents and student so they can track their progress.

2. BadgeU - This very cool add-on in Google Sheets lets the user create a badge directory, manage badges, and award for student digital display. It was created by Google Innovator Daniel Sharpe (@getsharpe). He has a number of YouTube videos explaining how to setup the system for your own use.

Whichever way you decide to award and display badges,  you need some badges. I recommend using Google Drawing to make your badges. The video below shows just how simple it is!

Use digital badges to gamify tasks, lessons, and projects!


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