Tech Integration: Start With Why

I recently became aware of the work of Simon Sinek after watching his TEDTalk, "Start With Why". It is based on the book of the same name he write in 2009. See the TEDTalk below:

Ironically, I presented a session at a regional school board conference a few years ago named "Tech Integration: Forget What. Let's Talk Why and How" without ever having heard of his work.

Although my name and contact information has changed, the sentiment of the session still rings true. Districts can get so hung up in the "What are we going to buy?" that they miss "Why is it important?" and "How will we use it?"

We have all been there. You go to a conference and see something wicked cool. Maybe it is in a session or the exhibit hall, but you just have to have it for your school. You find the money or get a grant to buy it. This new shiny thing arrives, and now what?

More than likely, if you have not put the work in the "why" and "how", getting that shiny new thing will not change the way you teach or how the students learn. Effective technology integration requires forethought and planning before the "what" is ever decided.


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