Educators, Smore Wants Your Help

I have been a lover of Smore for many years. It is a great online tool for presentations, flyers, newsletters, etc. I have been using Smore this year as my Weekly Library Newsletter. It is extremely versatile and let's me see how many people have looked at the newsletter.

Until this year, I have always used the free account. There are limitations, but I was fine with that. When I decided to use Smore as my platform for news in September I happened to have caught a special, an Educator account was only $39 for a year. This is at a discount from the usual price. As it turns out, this was a good year to have an Educator Account.

Smore is preparing to launch an Educator Community called The Educator Hive. They hope to start with a catalog of educator created Smores that can be adapted for other uses. The call for you to submit your Smore is now. The Educator Hive is slated to launch on April 20.

To submit a flyer, use Share with Educators button on the top left of you share tools.

Happy sharing!


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