On Wednesday I presented at the annual Region 3 ESC School Board Conference. This is the third time I have presented at this conference in the past four years. This year my topic was "Tech Integration: Forget What. Let's Talk Why and How." I concentrated on reasons why technology integration was important with today's students and how it can be successfully included in instruction. Schools sometimes get so bogged down in what devices to buy that they miss the purpose of what digital learning is all about.

I decided to demonstrate a device neutral application to add some engagement in my presentation. I have used Socrative, Poll Everywhere, and Infused Learning in sessions before so I wanted something new. I decided to try Kahoot (www.getkahoot.com). Unlike the other response systems, Kahoot acts more like the trivia games you see in restaurants where your get points based on how quickly you answer a question correctly and displays a leaderboard after each question. My quiz was types of instructional technology so I used an image of each device and the participants selected the name of the device from three choices. Just for fun I gave a prize to the winner of each game.

This tool would be useful in classes with any type of web-connected device. Teachers can create quizzes to start each class that review content from the day before. The winner of the quiz could get a free homework pass or extra points. This game-based student response system works perfectly for many types of scenarios. Kahoot also offers survey and discussion formats.


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