As is usually the case, I saw Thinglink ( at a conference about a year ago. It went on my shelf of things I need to try, but never have. After returning form TLA last week, I started looking school library web sites and saw Michelle Luhtala had a Thinglink on her site ( to promote the 2014 ALA Youth Media Awards. The image on her site has book covers which are linked to the review of that book on Good Reads (

I was inspired to make something. Here is what I ended up with:

You will notice as you hover over the images, dots appear on the book covers. Those dots link to book reviews in some cases and book trailers in other cases.

I had never used Thinglink before, but it was so easy! Just upload your image and start adding links. You can customize the icon that represents the link in the picture and link many different things. Share your finished Thinglink with a link, embed in a web site or easily post to social media like your library Facebook or Twitter.

Lots of possibilities for educators as well as student projects. Get linking!!!


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