Living Tree

The most popular social network in the world is Facebook. Users of that very active social network equal three times the population of the US. Besides personal pages, many groups are adopting Facebook as a way to market and share themselves. The idea of connecting online in a social space is a good one. But using a public network to share and discuss what's going on in a classroom or school is not.

If you are looking for a private network to communicate within your school or classroom, give Living Tree a try. It is free to create a network and can be accessed via the website or app.

Unlike Facebook, members of a Living Tree network must be invited in by the administrator of the group. This privacy means that only the people with a vested interest in the group, like parents of children in that group or class, will have the ability to see and share what is going on in that network. Members can post messages, share images/videos, files, schedule events, and much more. Users can be members of multiple groups so Mom and Dad can keep up with school, PTO, art lessons, sports, etc. all in one platform that can push notifications and events to their devices. Both parents are getting the same information and they will never miss an important meeting or deadline because they didn't get the note in their child's backpack or folder.

If you are looking for a safe social network for your class or group, give Living Tree a try.


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