Grade Cam

In a session today at TCEA 2013, I heard about GradeCam. This site gives teachers printable scantron type grids that are scannable via a web cam, doc cam, or the iPad app. The software scans, grades, and analyzes each student score with tons of ways to see reports and check for class trends and understanding.

To start using this software, one must setup classes. It was very simple. I exported a CSV file from my gradebook and imported it to GradeCam. In 5 minutes I had all of my classes ready to go. The site says it is simple to populate the grades to any electronic gradebook. I haven't tried that feature yet, but I will tomorrow!

Teachers can use this site for free, but are limited to only 10 questions per quiz. For a small fee, the account can be upgraded to allow 100 questions per quiz. The information this software can provide for comprehension and data analysis is invaluable for any teacher.


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