Yodio for student projects

I have been playing more with Yodio (www.yodio.com)and think it could be a great vehicle for student projects!

 The Yodio I created below could easily have been made by a student to demonstrate understanding of a concept or students could work in groups to create lesson that teach their peers sections of content from the curriculum. This would be an amazing platform for creating student presentations to accompany research projects and post them on a project blog or wiki.

 I used PowerPoint to create a slideshow of my visual content. After saving the slides as JPEGs, I uploaded them into my Yodio account. Using my cell phone (could have used a landline) I recorded each track of audio. Once the content was in my Yodio account I dragged and dropped the slides with the appropriate audio in the correct sequence. Voila!!! My Yodio on the Communication Model was born!


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